Are you involved with a school or community organization looking to fundraise for a program or initiative?

Let us help! We offer private shopping events for groups of all sizes and a scaling portion of the sales go back to  your organization as a cash donation.

What we do:
• Host your event in store. We reopen for the evening, provide snacks and beverages to attendants and handle all set up and clean up after the event. If you have any promotional materials such as signage or banners, they must be provided by noon the day of your event.
• Provide you with “Fundraiser Cards”. We understand not everyone who wants to come to your event is available on the same evening.We will provide you with cards to distribute to your network which allow them to shop at their leisure, while still benefiting your organization.
• Ensure there are plenty of beautiful and unique gift and decor items throughout the store to choose from!

What you do:
• Invite your network, friends and family members, and arrive the evening of ready to have a great time!

For more information and details email us at or Contact Us